Before launching the phone tracking process, you need to be fully aware of your legal position, as it’s the factor that will determine your legal validity to conduct such actions. It is not difficult to comprehend and fully understand the situations and the status that allow you to run a tracking operation. Three important notions intervene to clarify the legal questions and complexities related to phone tracking. The first one is clear to understand as it allows you to track a phone number, which is in your possession. If the phone number that you try to locate is registered in your name, then you don’t need any authorization or special status to run a tracking operation. As long as no conflict of interest or any type of set-up is meant to other parties, you won’t face any problem to track your phone number.

The second notion that allows you to track a defined phone number is related to social and legal responsibility. It’s the case of parental control, parents hold the legal right to track the phone number of their children, as they’re considered under their protection. Locating your child’s device is considered a good protective measure that exploits the benefits of technology to ensure the security of your loved ones. It’s also the same thing for employees that are linked with a company through a contract that contains a legal tracking authorization for business purposes. Many Companies resort to this type of technology to master their costs and control their employees, which undoubtedly leads to a better business performance.

The last notion is consent. In order to conduct a tracing process on a specific device that doesn’t comply with the previous notions you’ll need the consent of the owner. The consent can written or verbal, but It’s advised to have a written approval because it holds more power in front of a court. If you wish for instance to locate your friend’s device for pranking purposes and fun, you’ll need his consent, otherwise you’re not respecting his privacy rights and can be punished for doing so. Pick up wisely the phone numbers to avoid any bad legal consequences that may occur if that person turn against you.

To conclude, it’s crucial to consider your legal position and understand the legal consequences of your act before tracking a mobile device.