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How to tell if someone is spying or tracking your phone

Spying on people's private lives is a technique that people use to leverage fellow partners, colleagues, and competition. The boundaries and securities technology awards us make it more challenging to keep a trail on people's lives. However, we store many more records with our phones than we are to monitor, [...]

How to tell if someone is spying or tracking your phone2021-08-15T13:36:38+00:00

Fields of use for mobile and gps trackers

Rapid advances in technology and the proliferation of smartphones in our daily lives have made tracking cell phones very easy .A GPS tracker can store recorded information that can later be transferred to a computer using radio, cellular [GPRS] or satellite modem with an Internet connection or any central database. [...]

Fields of use for mobile and gps trackers2020-10-30T12:50:17+00:00

How to protect your device from position trackers

How to protect your device from position trackers Most of us want to protect our phones from being tracked by phone locators to protect our data but in today's digital world it has become a bit difficult. The introduction of a wide range of digital phone trackers has made it [...]

How to protect your device from position trackers2020-04-08T19:48:07+00:00

Phone Tracking Technologies

Phone Tracking Technologies: Businesses are finding out innovative ways to outwit their rivals given that there is stiff competition in an organizational sphere at present. This implies superior customer service levels, improved productivity, and improvement in the sales figures as a whole. One essential aspect to consider here will be [...]

Phone Tracking Technologies2019-11-01T12:43:18+00:00

Why You Should Opt For Online Tracking Platforms

Technical development affected many areas of our daily lives, offering useful features that are developing constantly to fulfil all our needs. Now, we are not only talking about good alternatives, but we are witnessing the substitution of classical methods by modern ones. It is fair to say that adopting technology [...]

Why You Should Opt For Online Tracking Platforms2019-09-23T16:59:27+00:00

Avoid Legal Conflicts Related To Phone Tracking

Before launching the phone tracking process, you need to be fully aware of your legal position, as it’s the factor that will determine your legal validity to conduct such actions. It is not difficult to comprehend and fully understand the situations and the status that allow you to run a [...]

Avoid Legal Conflicts Related To Phone Tracking2019-08-04T13:20:38+00:00

How to use the tracker?

It’s quite easy to comprehend the functioning of Locateanumber’s locating interface, we have made it easy for our users to manipulate and set the tracking parameters that will define the search request. The system require a defined number of information before proceeding, it helps to limit the search inquiries, fasten [...]

How to use the tracker?2019-07-13T14:02:36+00:00

How To Protect Your Phone Data

Securing our data is all you need to do to ensure that no one is able to access your sensitive information. In as much as we want to protect our personal information, we at times find the information already leaked to external parties even without our knowledge. It may be [...]

How To Protect Your Phone Data2019-05-25T12:59:23+00:00

How GPS System Works?

GPS means Global Positioning System; It is also known as Navstar. It was founded by the American Army. And it is in operation since 1995 but many modern GPS receivers use Russian GPS and GLONASS satellites to increase coverage and accuracy. At this time GPS has 31 satellites, which are [...]

How GPS System Works?2019-04-17T12:36:56+00:00

How to avoid being phone tracked?

Nowadays smartphones are an indispensable part of everyday life. However, great care should be taken because your phone may be more vulnerable than you thought. Hacking is no longer just an exciting topic for Hollywood films or a danger that affects only large corporations and multinational corporations.  No one [...]

How to avoid being phone tracked?2019-04-01T20:36:09+00:00