Securing our data is all you need to do to ensure that no one is able to access your sensitive information. In as much as we want to protect our personal information, we at times find the information already leaked to external parties even without our knowledge. It may be a difficult task to protect your phone data but if you use the right procedures it is easy to get done.

Your data is not save when you have not secured it from an easy access by anyone who gets into contact with your phone. There are different ways in which you can safeguard your data. If you are finding the perfect means to secure the data in your phone then this guide is ideal for you. We have discussed some of the major ways to protect your data from access by other external parties and it us important that you go through them to understand what you should do to secure your sensitive information.

1. Use of log in security

This is one of the best steps to go about preventing your data from unnecessary intruders into your phone. In addition, it may also do away with instances of data leakage. This is whereby you safeguard your data by allocating password security to every folder containing your data. Through this method of data protection, only a few people who know the correct password can access the data.

2. Use of steganography

This is whereby you can hide the folder that contains your data in another folder. For an example hiding the data folder in a music folder. This makes it hard for someone to guess whether there can be any data in the music folder. To go about this method, you need to have a steganography software whereby you will first encrypt your data then fix it in another folder.

3. Use of right management service

This is whereby the data reaches only the prescribed person without deviating. Use of this method ensures safety after the data gets out of your phone. The use of right management services restricts sharing the data to different emails that may lead its leakage. In other ways, this method have a time duration in which the conveyed data expires and automatically deletes itself.

4. Back-up Method

One of the scaring incidents in computer is the cyber crimes. Through the phone hacking, one can totally loss their data permanently without any successful method to retrieve the it. However, to avoid this you need to can back-up your data. The method you choose to back up your data will depend on the size of the data. You can use wizard mode that ensures an easy and faster way of creating and restoring your data. You can also set your phone to manually back-up your data frequently.

5. Restrict wireless transmission

For someone to have access to your data does not only need a direct access to your phone but also through wireless transmission like Ethernet. Ethernet aids hackers to have access to your data whereby they can leak or even permanently possess the data. Wireless transmission enables the device highly portable hence making the hackers easily crack down the transmission and access your data. To avoid this, you should protect your Wi-Fi connection.


If you are facing challenges protecting your phone data, the try out the above ways to secure your data from access by other people.