Spying on people’s private lives is a technique that people use to leverage fellow partners, colleagues, and competition. The boundaries and securities technology awards us make it more challenging to keep a trail on people’s lives. However, we store many more records with our phones than we are to monitor, and the new spying skill basis is our handsets.

There are so many reasons people tap others’ phones, but you deserve to retain your information as long as you have given no authority. It poses threatening levels of insecurity if people can derive information from your mobile handset. It is vital to understand ways to know if somebody is tracking your phone and find a solution as soon as you realize it.

Common signs your phone is tapped:

1.If the mobile data is depleting unusually fast

If somebody installs a GPS tracker in your mobile phone, they require data transmission through the tracker from your phone to their device. Most of these bugs have secretive processes which could be depleting your data reserve faster than usual.

When you notice the regular data subscription in your phone ends before it expires, search for phone tracking bugs, unlike previous subscriptions. Go to the settings feature on your mobile, and scroll down to apps. Search on the apps. You are likely to see new bugs installed with your knowledge.

If you fail to locate GPS trackers through the settings option, search through the files folder as well. Most of these tracking apps are deeply hiding in unnecessary files for private tracking. If you find the app, delete it as you would delete other apps on your phone, and the tracking is bound to stop.

Fast data depletion is an easy way to recognize phone tracking, and you can quickly solve the problem by uninstalling apps and bugs.

2.Weird text messages

When you notice your inbox is registering queer texts, you could be a victim of GPS trackers. Some of the phone trackers can install themselves with a simple click or tap. Weird texts might be in many letters that may look like codes. The person tracking you could take advantage of your naivety by sending multiple texts to initiate the tracking and consecutive texts to delve further into your device.

If you are suspicious of this, delete all texts as soon as you receive them. Check out apps on the phone with unrecognizable names and uninstall them. The intruder might be writing down commands to your phone to alter settings.

3.Heating up of the phone
Have you noticed your phone unevenly heating up lately and have found nothing wrong with your cooling system? Is your phone actively working even without major phone activities like when the data and Wi-Fi are on?

GPS and phone tracking apps remain active even when the systems setting are off. The phone tends to grow hot when you overwork the software, and it could lead to getting spoilt within a matter of time. When you delete these phone trackers, the phone returns its initial functioning mode, which stops the heating.

4.Immediate and uneven battery life drop

GPS and other information trackers tend to use more power as they are actively working behind the scenes. You will notice a very healthy battery depleting abnormally fast, which might accelerate if the bug is still in your phone.

Alternatively, you may notice sudden drops in the battery after reaching a certain percentage level. Your lifespan shouldn’t be depleting at that rate, especially since you still require your phone to stay one.

The tracking apps also occupy your phone’s storage by taking the data helping them locate different locations. Sometimes your phone battery lifespan could have been compromised out of electric troubles or simply overuse. To test this, try your battery on another device to confirm viability.

5.Slowdown of phone’s performance

If a person continuously keeps tabs on your phone, the accumulation of backup occupies the RAM, which causes poor performance. The backup includes records of the phone dialer, other communication apps, and every internet activity you perform. It’s possible to register internet activity if you have activated location settings in social apps.

It’s normal for your phone to be sluggish, especially if you have different apps working simultaneously. However, if you notice the same even after using your phone after waking up or after it’s been out of reach, somebody is definitely on your tail.

6.Sound interference

Compromised software if you notice that the voice has weird noises when using the audio or microphone. Sometimes when you receive a call and hear clicks or strange interferences that don’t fully disconnect the phone, somebody may tap your calls.

It is pretty typical because there is a silent unauthorized recording, which seems to interrupt quickly. It is in your safe interest to inspect your phone for trackers if the noises continue, even after experts help fix the audio interfaces.

7.Complicated turning on and off of the phone.

Sometimes you realize that the phone takes much longer to shut down, up to even a minute. It could also be the case if the phone takes longer than usual to turn on or restart. The changes mean that the phone trackers r GPS tracking is happening.

Another weird occurrence is when the hone keeps shutting down or restarting without your authority. Most of the time, the tracking apps control the functions and are trying to refresh the recording process. Other times, the phone tracker is trying to introduce new bugs or commands without a precise way you can’t notice.


In extreme cases, GPS trackers or other trackers tend to compromise your phone’s overall activity, convenience, and security. Some trackers simply collect information as a part of the app’s normal functioning, like social media apps. However, if you give no authority to share your location, learn to mute the feature on the app since you have the power to control it.

If you notice tracking beyond the standard functionality of the phone, take it to an experienced technician to fix it for you.