It’s quite easy to comprehend the functioning of Locateanumber’s locating interface, we have made it easy for our users to manipulate and set the tracking parameters that will define the search request. The system require a defined number of information before proceeding, it helps to limit the search inquiries, fasten the operations and ensure the validity of the entered number.

In order to clarify how the system functions, we will present you a detailed tutorial that shows systematically the right way to use the platform.

The first step is going to be about entering the phone number that you wish to locate. Let’s take for example a US number. If you don’t mention the country phone code you’ll have to select the country where it is registered.

Phone number: 201-207-3244 ( In this case, we didn’t add the country code, so we will have to specify it on the country selection box menu.)

Country: United States


Once you have defined the search request by filling valid information, click on the “locate” button to run the geo-locating. A code panel will show up to keep you informed on the advancement of the process. It will check the validity of the phone number, connect to the signal centers, exchange data (encryption modes) and finally receive a data package that contains your geo-position. The system is designed to auto-regulate and correct its operational system when it faces problems. You will not have to restart the whole operation if a technical instability occurs. The only case that requires to repeat the process is to get the actual position of a phone number that is constantly moving.

-Connecting to the satellite.

-Importing encryption keys.

-Connecting to the internal server (Number validity test.)

-Processing data.


Upon the completion of the geo-locating, the gps coordinate that refers to the phone number you entered will be displayed on Google Maps. You have the possibility to download the data package and naviguate through the map to situate the position.